Archived reports are not being deleted.

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Last Modified Date : 26/02/2018
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Releases of CA Dispatch prior to 11.6 and 11.7 only had the ability to execute a single archive subtask. And, if running the batch maintenance job to delete expired archive entries while CA Dispatch was active (DSEXDCAR) also required that the SUBTASKS of CA Dispatch be shutdown in order to avoid contention problems. Current release of CA Dispatch (release 11.6 and 11.7) now provide the ability to run multiple archive subtasks.

We are running the batch maintenance process (DSEXTMIG or DSEXPSAR) to delete expired archive entries out of CA Dispatch and noticed that even though their retention's have expired, the maintenance process is not deleting entries off of the CURRENTLY ACTIVE ARCHIVE VOLSER. This did not occur in prior releases of CA Dispatch.



In order to support execution of multiple archive subtasks and provide the ability to keep CA Dispatch and its subtasks active 24x7 while still being able to perform daily maintenance, there was a functional change made in the CA Dispatch code that excludes entries on the CURRENTLY ACTIVE ARCHIVE VOLSER from being considered for deletion.

Once the volser is no longer the currently active archive volser, all entries that reside on this volser and that have exceeded their retentions will be deleted during the next execution of the batch archive cleanup maintenance process.

The ACTIVE ARCHIVE VOLSER is displayed on the VSGMU210 screen (option 9.A from the main menu) next to the "Tape ==>" field.

Dispatch will write to the currently active archive volser until either it becomes full and switches to a new SCRATCH volser. Or, the CLEAR command is executed to free the active volser.

Additional Information:

The syntax for the CLEAR command is documented In Chapter 17 in the User Guide for the Report Administrator manual in the section entitled "Active Archive Volser Management".