Archive Manager is not available

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Last Modified Date : 04/06/2018
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Recently the SpectroServer and OneClick server have been restarted.
After starting in Spectrum OneClick console, events are not shown with error as Achieve Manager is not available.
In spectrum control panel, Archive Manager is in start state.
Spectrum 10.2.0
Windows 2012R2
Customer was showing that the OC console has a red frame on the events tab and that the connection to one of two SS's is gone.
We then checked the ARCHMGR.OUT and *.bak file and it seems that the "validating database" is the current situation.
Checked the size of the $SPECROOT/mysql/data/ddmdb/event.MYD file and it was over 10GB. Also noticed that the server itself is very slow, because opening a log file with Wordpad was taking like 10-15 sec. We tried to check with "show full processlist;" on what is running and we can see "Checking Table" being active several times on the event table.
All from previous starts of Archive Manager. To interrupt all, we stopped the MySQL service and then tried with the $SPECROOT/SS/DDM/ddm_load -i <landscape handle> command to initialize the DDMdb, as customer informed that the server was actually stopped by teh O/S and that the server stop seemed to have corrupted the DDMdb.
Unfortunately this command does a "checking Table", as well. So, we had to use "TRUNCATE TABLE event;" to empty the event table and then used the ddm_load command again and this time it finished after a few minutes.
We then started the Archive Manager again and it was showing connected in the OC console.