ARA Queue shows following run of next run within queue overview instead of next run

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Affects Release version(s): 6;7

Error Message :

If a Queue in Release Manager is started with several executions, the "next run" field is not populated with the actual next run, instead it is populated with the one after the actual next run when looking at the ARA Queue overview.

This may lead to the assumption that one run will be overlooked.  However, this is not the case.

OS Version: N/A
Cause type:
Root Cause: This occurs if the timezone of the system is set at the Automic System level and not on the User's System level
In ARA, the Automic System must be set to TZ.UTC to ensure the task run schedule is set properly.

If another timezone should be displayed for the ARA System, you can define it on User Level, so the timezone you want is used on the ARA GUI.

The most recent online documentation has been updated as shown in the reference section below.


Automic Release Automation 12.0 Documentation:


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