ApplyPTF - "Value of environment variable %AUTOSYS% on remote machine" when backing out

Document ID : KB000071693
Last Modified Date : 22/02/2018
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When using the ApplyPTF tool to back out an already-applied patch on a local or remote server, you may see the following symptoms as shown in the screenshot below:
  • A dialog box asking for the value of the %AUTOSYS% environment variable, even on systems where AutoSys / Workload Automation is not installed
  • Multiple messages in the output window and output log stating "Establishing connection to remote node", followed by "Unable to get history file. Skipping..."
The "%AUTOSYS%" environment variable popup and ApplyPTF output window
This issue may occur in any environment where the ApplyPTF tool is used for patching.
This issue can occur if the wrong node (server) name is specified when launching ApplyPTF. You can see in the screenshot above on the third line that ApplyPTF is attempting to contact the "WRONG-SERVER-NAME", which then leads to an inability to locate the proper patch history file.
When launching ApplyPTF, ensure that the correct node name is specified. The screenshot below shows the screen on which the node is specified in the "From Node" field - note that the wrong server name is currently present. Correcting this to the proper server name will allow the tool to correctly read the patch history file and proceed to back out the specified patch.

The screen where the node (server) name is specified within ApplyPTF.
Additional Information:
ApplyPTF maintains the name of the last node it used to apply or back out a patch, even if the folder is copied to a new location. When running ApplyPTF, especially after copying the tool to a new server, it is important to verify that the correct server name is listed before attempting to apply or back out any patches.