Applying a testfix using Applyptf on multiple UNIX machines by creating a package.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document details the steps to create a CA Client Automation software package to apply a CA supplied testfix to UNIX platforms.



 How can I apply a testfix for Client Automation to multiple UNIX machines at the same time using applyptf?



All versions of UNIX 



The procedure is similar to the Windows procedure as outlined in Techdoc TEC407128.

**Note that the differences are only in the name of the Applyptf executable (and its config file) and the parameters.

(Note that the addition of "> $rf" to the parameter string will allow the Applyptf output to be available in the 'Job Output' window of the Job Properties)

1. In a separate folder, extract the test fix using cazipxp -u TXXXXXX.caz command. 


2. Copy the latest applyptf.<platform> and applyptf.cfg files into that folder. 


(Where <platform> is the UNIX platform as used by Applyptf - files for all the UNIX platforms should be in the Windows Applyptf folder)


3. In SD Explorer, navigate to Software Library-> All Software select New --> Software and give a meaningful name and version information 


4. Expand the newly created package in left hand pane under All Software. Right Click on 'Source' -> select 'New Volume' -> select 'From Directory', Give a name and click on 'browse'.


5. Navigate to the folder which you created above and click on 'choose'. Click OK.Now expand the Source->PackageName->FolderName & drag and drop the applyptf.<platform> file from the right hand pane to the "Procedures" tree item in the left hand pane


6. Select Procedures->applyptf, right click and select properties
Go to the 'Embedded File' tab,

- In the 'File: box modify the command to have "./" at the beginning:


(e.g. ./applyptf.sunintel)

- In the 'Parameters' text box enter the following command:

-r ./TXXXXXX.jcl -l ./TXXXXXX.out > $rf

(Note that Unix is case-sensitive)

For example, if the test fix is: TF9C171, then the command should be:

-r ./TF9C171.jcl -l ./TF9C171.out > $rf

- Close properties


7. Right-click on the Package and select "Seal" to seal the package.



8. Drag and drop this package to the UNIX Units/Groups to which the test fix has to be applied.