How to monitor the Policy Server Process with EPAgent

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Last Modified Date : 19/06/2018
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Currently in APM4SSO 13.1 integration with the SiteMinder Policy Server there is no metrics that will tell you if the Java process for the Policy Server is running.
Do yo need to know if the Java Process for the Policy Server is running?
APM for SSO 13.0 and 13.1
APM 10.2 or higher
RHEL 6.5
SSO Policy Server 12.7
One of CA engineers has written a script that the EPAgent will run and check if your Policy Server Process is running.  It can't tell if the Java process is hung up but will tell you if it is running.

This script will allow other Processes are running to like the AdminUI process with a few minor changes in the script.

If you leave script alone with out changes it will look like this with the line numbers turned on.

93 # TODO Update @procs with the process names you want to find
94 #my @procs = qw(smpolicysrv smadminui);
95 my @procs = qw(smpolicysrv);
108     # TODO Update this if block with how the customer wants the path to look
109     if ($proc eq "smpolicysrv") {
110         $procName = "PolicyServerProcess";
111 #    } elsif ($proc eq "smadminui") {
112 #        $procName = "SMAdminUiProcess";
113     }

If you move the Comment marker (#) from line 94 to 95 then you the script will poll for both smpolicysrv smadminui.  You will also need to remove the Comment Marker(#) from linke 111 and 112.

You will also need to modify the IntroscopeEPagent.profile.

Here is an example of what is needed:
introscope.epagent.stateless.SSO.command=perl /epagent/epaplugins/sso/

Here is what you will see in the Investigator.
Introscope Tree View

The metric will show as a "1" or "0".  
1 process is available and process is not available.
Additional Information:
To get this files you need please go to this link to download the files from Github. Click Here

Here is a link for more information about EPAgent and configuration for stateless scripts.
"Add and Configure EPAgent Plug-ins"