APM Investigator displays Agent Name with percent sign (%) and a number.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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APM Agents are displayed with a percentage sign and a number (%#) associated with the Agent Name under the Investigator.

For example, in the Investigator you may see:

Displayed Name: DevCluster/TestAgentName%2

When the desired name is:

Desired Name: DevCluster/TestAgentName

From the Investigator --> Metric Browser --> OverView tab, under " What's Interesting" the Agent shows as "Disconnected"

The Agent DevCluster/TestAgentName%2 has Disconnected

The IntroscopeEnterpriseManager Log will contain:

[WARN] [Manager] Non-unique Agent requested connection ("SuperDomain|DevCluster|TestAgentName"). Re-assigning Agent Name: DevCluster/TestAgentName%2


  1. Make sure you have no more than one Agent with the same name reporting from the same server.

  2. Check the IntroscopeAgent.profile for the Agent Name specification.

  3. Make sure no Agent Name is specified in the startup script along with Agent Jar and Agent Profile.

  4. Try restarting Introscope Enterprise Manager.

  5. Stop the Agent JVM. Wait until the Agent goes "Grey" on the Investigator, then try restarting the Agent.

  6. Try extending the delay for Agent Auto Naming in IntroscopeAgent.profile

    # The amount of time to delay connecting to the Introscope Enterprise
    # Manager while Agent Auto Naming is attempted.

    # When Agent Auto Naming is enabled, the Agent will check for
    # a new Application Server determined name on the specified interval.

If these suggestions do not help, please contact CA APM Technical Support at support.ca.com.