APM CE (CEM) Reports are showing the wrong time zone

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What to do if APM CE Reports are in the wrong time zone.



APM CE GUI is showing reports in UTC not local time. What can be done about this?


Note that time/time zones are set in a variety of places:

  • Enterprise Manager  (MOM, TIM Collector, Stats Aggregation Collector, Database Cleanup Collector). This is based on the operating system time which may use a system clock or a time service such as NTP (Network Time Protocol).
  • APM Database  Both Postgres and Oracle can set a timezone. For Postgres, this must be the same time zone as the MOM. For Oracle, it may be the same time zone as the MOM.
  • TIM system menus allow the time zone to be set but this only impacts the TIM logs.


You can check the time/time zones of all three just to eliminate future issues. But the likely culprit is the MOM and other EMs are set to UTC and not localtime. The MOM syncs the time with the collectors, Introscope agents, and the TIM.


To resolve this, the options are:

* Change the time zone/time on the EMs and the database if needed. Point to a fresh instance of the APM database. Restore the existing definitions.

* Change the time zone/time on the EMs and the database if needed. Point to the existing instance of the APM database. This may cause serious problems in the APM database with overlapping partition data (similar to the DST issue) and corrupt the database. So this approach is not advised.




http://dba-oracle.com/bk_oracle_timezone.htm  Oracle and Time Zones

http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.4/static/functions-datetime.html Postgres and Time Zones


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