APM CE (CEM) Flex Plugin Setting Overview.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  This knowledge document provides an overview about the built-in HTTP plugins to monitor Flex traffic. 

All supported APM releases with CEM monitoring Flex business transactions.

  One scenario that you may see is the current TIM memory utilization growing up to 80 GBytes and the system becomes unresponsive requiring a restart.

So sometimes arises the need to limit the Flex parser memory consumption in the TIM.

Do note that it is not recommended to use Flex Plugin with high traffic such as found in Production Environments.

If the traffic hits 100% sometimes, then reduce the traffic using web server filters.

The main parameters that limit the Flex plugin are (To be set in the TIM Settings UI):

FlexPlugin/Enabled: 0 
FlexAMFParser/Enabled: 0 FlexAMFXParser/Enabled: 0 FlexAMFResponseParsingForChunkedTypeEnabled: 0

A value of 1 enables the Flex processing capability, 0 disables it.

Note that FlexPlugin/Enabled must be set to 1  for any of the three settings below to work. 


FlexAMFParser - Flex Binary Message Processing

FlexAMFXParse- Flex XML Message Processing 

FlexAMFResponseParsingForChunkedTypeEnabled  For Streaming Media, AMF data is encapsulated in a chunk which has a header which defines things such as the message length and type. See Wikipedia for more details. 

Another common issue is the Flex message size. 
The Transaction Impact Monitor (TIM) uses the following properties to limit the message payload size when monitoring Flex applications. The message payload maximum request and response size limit is 200,000.

MaxFlexRequestBodySize: 10000 (Maximum: 200000)
MaxFlexResponseBodySize: 10000 (Maximum: 200000)

This limit avoids TIM processing and memory overhead when Flex has large binary payloads.

Additional Information:

https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec1634005.html -- Troubleshooting TIM Settings  

https://docops.ca.com/ca-apm/10/en/troubleshooting/transaction-troubleshooting/no-discovery-results-or-slow-performance-for-flex-transactions  -- No Discovery Results or Slow Performance for Flex Transactions.