APM CE Administrator Levels of Knowledge

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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 Description: This is a first attempt on APM CE Levels of Knowledge to help gauge what an APM CE Administrator knows.

Level 1: Basic

- Can install/upgrade TIM.
- Can set up TIM and associated Collectors if pre-work is completed.
- Can add private keys and web server filters in APM CE GUI.
- Can set transaction definitions through Advanced Recorder or Transaction Discovery.
- Can create scheduled reports.
- Can do Introscope and RTTM integration.
- Can create a backup, Config Export, Business Transaction Export.

Level 2: Basics with Troubleshooting
Same as  Level 1 with these additions:

- Can also troubleshoot common issues:

    * TIM installation

    * TIM not seeing traffic

    * Transactions not seeing defects or statistics

    * Common private key/web server filter issues

    * Cannot record

Level 3: Intermediate

- Same as Levels 1-3 with these additions.

- Can create definitions for more complicated transactions such as XML/SOAP, Siebel, SAP, Oracle Forms, Microsoft Office Web Applications (SharePoint).
- Can use Script Recorder (Load Runner or packet capture).
- Can do SNMP integration (basic).
- Can Do APM Cloud Monitor/WTG Integration.
- Can Use/Understand Advanced Features of APM CE.

* Business Impact Reports

* Business Impact

* Event Management

* TIM Inspection/Trace

* TIM/EM Logs

* Six Sigma Reports

* Understands Each Error Message

* Uses Content Errors

* SLA and Escalation

* User Group Creation (IP Subnet, HTTP Headers)

* TIM/TESS System Interface features

* Incident Creation

* IPv6

* HTTP Response/Request Body

*  Correlational SLA

* HTTP Plugins

* Response-based definitions

* Agent Recording


Level 4: Intermediate with Troubleshooting

- Can troubleshoot

    * RTTM and Problem Resolution integration issues

- Can optimize and upgrade APM environment

- TIM-related network issues

- MTP and High Performance TIM (9.7+) 


Level 5: Integrations
Same as Levels 1-4 but with all APM CE Integrations not listed above such as

  - Spectrum

  - SiteMinder

  - CMDB

  - Service Desk

 - SiteMinder

 - LDAP, SiteMinder, Local, EEM authentication/authorization.


Level 6a:  Scoping, Architecting, Training

- Same as Levels 1-5 with the following:

   * Can size an APM CE cluster for APM CE requirements including APM database.

   * Can advise on TIM/EM network placement

   * Can advise on a new cluster/install/upgrade scoping call

   * Understands APM Canned and exported reports

   * Can explain how APM CE is part of their monitoring strategy

   * Has a general idea how APM internals works

   * Knows key APM database fields and tables


Level 6b:  Advanced

- Can do all needed APM CE custom work -- HTTP Plugins, evidence collection scripts, export tool scripts, APM database SQL queries etc.
- Can write custom evidence collection scripts
- Can perform custom reporting (Export tool, SQL, SDK)
- Can do custom reporting (Jasper Reports. )