APM 9.6 Transaction Impact Monitor (TIM) ports and how to change them post-install.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If needed, APM 9.6 TIM ports for a private httpd web server and the internal communication with that web server can be changed post-install.


  1. The default Apache web server runs under http port 80 & https port 443.

    If during the TIM install "Yes" is selected for the "Create a private http for TIM" step, then unique port values can be entered which must be different from the default web server values. The suggested values to use are 8080 and 9443.

    The private httpd uses these 2 files for configuring the http & https ports respectively:


    If the ports need to be changed post-install, then change the line "Listen <port>" as needed.
    If it is not required for private httpd to use https, then comment out the line "Listen <port>" in the ssl.conf file .

    After editing these files, do the following to restart the private httpd server :

    /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd-tim restart

  2. The value set in the "Choose the TIM internal port" step is used by the TIM to listen for its internal communication with the httpd web server.
    So normally the user does not need to be concerned about changing the suggested default value of 81.
    If required this value can be changed post-install via the Tim Setup UI using option "Configure Tim Settings" and at the bottom of the list is the "WebServerPort" property.