Any need to recycle ZDMVAUX address space?

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Last Modified Date : 04/12/2018
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After starting ZDMVPROC (main CCS Data Mover address space), ZDMVAUX (a required auxiliary address space for Data Mover) is automatically started if it is not already running.
If there are any problems with ZDMVPROC that result in making security changes, will that affect the ZDMVAUX STC in any way? Will ZDMVAUX need to be recycled to pick up any new security settings? If so, how is it shutdown without an IPL?
Being that ZDMVAUX is a data-only address space, there is no need to ever recycle it. I believe there's no way to recycle it short of an IPL. Once ZDMVPROC creates the address space the first time, it stays active for the life of the IPL. There is no actual code executed within ZDMVAUX, so it won't be necessary to do anything special to pick up security settings/changes. 
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