Any known performance problems with CA Intertest for CICS exit IN25XPCF doing TCB switching?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The client upgraded to CA Intertest for CICS r 9.1 and is experiencing fair amount of performance issues caused by frequent TCB switching.  The performance problem was attributed to frequent TCB switching caused by too many program displays. The client also detected a few switches being performed by IN25XPCF.

Is there a way to eliminate that or prevent IN25XPCF from TCB switching?


The IN25XPCF is used by CA Intertest for CICS to determine if a program should be monitored by  CA Intertest for CICS. It associated with program INXXHOOK where XX is the CICS level. The IN25XPCF exit is how CA Intertest for CICS hooks a program for monitoring. It is normal for this program to do some TCB switching and there is no way - parameter to prevent the TCB switching. We have no reported performance problems in release 9.1 that points to  CA Intertest CICS or the IN25XPCF exit as the cause.

Below is a display of the IN25XPCF exit running in CICS 5.2