An Option Manager option that had been installed or de-installed, or had its value updated, is suddenly no longer in effect. The corresponding expected statement is not reflected or is missing in the NX.env file on the server.

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In an Advanced Availability configuration, options can be installed and de-installed, or values of installed options can be changed, using Options Manager.  This can only be done from the Background server.

The procedure is documented here: Install/Uninstall Options Manager Options



The following scenario is possible:

The behavior of the CA Service Desk Manager application is inconsistent with one or more Options Manager options.  That is, the changes that had been made to one or more of the options seems no longer to be in-effect.  

Additionally, the current content of the NX.env file, on one or more of the Advanced Availability servers, confirms that the changes that had been made to an Options Manager option are not in place. 

However, the options, when viewed via Options Manager, show that the changes are in place.


What could cause the changes made in Options Manager to seem to have disappeared? How can the changes be put back into effect?

CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) 12.9 and 14.1, with Advanced Availability configuration.

The situation could occur if, after you installed an option, or uninstalled an option, or changed the value of an installed option, using Options Manager on the Background server, then you did not follow, exactly and completely, the steps outlined in the product documentation under the subsection titled "Restart the CA SDM Servers in Advanced Availability Configuration" (see that section on this page: How to Restart the CA SDM Servers)

For example, if you did not perform step #1 of those steps, which is to "Restart all Standby Servers", and later, you performed a failover to a Standby Server that had not been re-started, then that Standby Server (which became the new/current Background server) would not have picked up the change to the Options Manager option(s).

Additionally, if, subsequent to the first failover, you performed a failover back to the original Background server, then the original Background server, which would then have become the current Background server, would no longer have the changes in effect.

Another example would be that, after changing an option using Options Manager on the background server, you performed only the first 3 steps, and you did not perform the remainder of the steps, starting with step#4, which involves restarting the Applications servers, and so the problem situation occurs on one or more of the Application servers.

To resolve the situation:

  1. Confirm or ensure that the option(s) that is not operating as expected, is set according to your requirements when viewed via Options Manager. 
  2. Make backup copies of the "NX.env" and the "NX.env_nt.tpl" files on all servers.
    Note: The NX.env file is located in the base CA Service Desk Manager installation directory; that location is referred to as $NX_ROOT; The NX.env_nt.tpl file is located in $NX_ROOT\pdmconf.
  3. Make a backup of the Options table by running "pdm_extract Options > options.dat".
  4. Run the command, "pdm_options_mgr", on the current Background server.
  5. Recycle the CA Service Desk Manager service on the Background server.
  6. Follow the subsection titled "Restart the CA SDM Servers in Advanced Availability Configuration" exactly and completely

Note: If only one or more of the Application servers are affected by the problem situation, then it may be possible to resolve the problem by running "pdm_options_mgr" on each of the affected Application servers and then recycling the CA Service Desk Manager service on each of those Application servers.

If you still have problems, please open a support case with the CA Support team, providing the backups from steps #2 and #3, and, if possible, a detailed set of steps which resulted in the situation. (Note that additional information may also be requested.)

Additional Information:


The "pdm_options_mgr" command, when run with no parameters, connects to the mdb database, reads the entries in the Options table, reads the NX.env_nt.tpl file, and regenerates the local NX.env file accordingly.  Unmanaged options and environment variables are not propagated to the new NX.env file if they do not exist in the NX.env_nt.tpl file - for those, you would need to update the NX.env file to add them back in.

A recycle of the CA Service Desk Manager service is required in order to apply all unmanaged, and some Options-Manager-managed, options.


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