"An illegal character has been found in the statement. ODBC ?1 error" or "Incorrect Syntax Error", or "Database Library Error" occurs when I run a report. The error seems to involve quotes in the sql. What is the problem?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In versions of Reporter prior to 7.0.009, the setting "Use Quoted Identifiers for Table and Column Names in Full Load" (found in the metadata manager under edit/options) was not being used. This was corrected in 7.0.009.

Certain odbc drivers return a space character rather than a valid quote character. Because of this fix, Reporter 7.0.009 ignores a response of a space and defaults to the registry value in the key for QuotedIdentifierCharacter. Reporter 7.0.008 heeds the space, somewhat questionably, since a space is obviously not a quote character. This can cause this error to occur in 7.0.009 for a report that ran fine in 7.0.008.

To take care of this situation, Go to Start/Run and type regedit. Browse to the HKEY_CurrentUser/Software/ComputerAssociates/IQObject.ini/QueryGeneration folder.

If you DO NOT want quoted identifiers, set the QuotedIdentifiers and InternalQuotedIdentifiers keys to 0 for false.

If you DO want quoted identifiers, leave these settings at 1, and change QuotedIdentifierCharacter to the appropriate value: 96 is the default (single quote), 34 is double quote, and 32 is a space. Placing a 32 in this registry setting will make Reporter behave just like 7.0.008 did.