An extra 'r' at the end of the Creator Resource Name is being added on some Action Item notification translations

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Last Modified Date : 27/07/2018
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Some CA PPM users are receiving Action Item notifications where the message body displays a wrong name for the "Creador" (Creator, in Spanish translation).
This happens on the field 'Created by', where the name of the resource is followed of an extra 'r" and the end of his name.

magen quitada por el remitente.
Ha recibido una nueva notificación
magen quitada por el remitente.

Se le ha asignado esta acción:

Acción: La tarea "<name of the task>" ha sido aprobada
Descripción: Comentarios: 
Creador: Last_Name, First_Namer
Nombre del objeto: <name of the task>

Para acceder a esta acción, haga clic aquí.
This is caused by an extra "r" being added on some translations after the Creator field:
$[Action Items.created_by]r 

This query helps to identify all Notification Templates translations affected by this specific issue with its translation 
CAP.pk_id = 
AND TABLE_NAME = 'CMN_NOTIFICATIONS' and Description like '%Action Items.created_by]r%' 

We could find the two templates affected: 
- Action Item (Process) - New action item 
==> This is affecting both Spanish and Catalan translations 

- Action Item (Process) - New non-recurring, non-project action item 
==> This just affect the Spanish translation 

The workaround would be to modify the template and delete the "r" at the end: 
  1. Go to Administration => Data Administration => Notifications.
  2. Click the affected Notification Template
  3. Click on the Translate button.
  4. Correct the problem: 
Creador: $[Action Items.created_by]r 
Creador: $[Action Items.created_by]
       5. Save the changes.
Additional Information:
Note: Restoring defaults on the NotificationTemplate would reintroduce the problem.