An Endevor element name entered in QE is Not Found

Document ID : KB000111113
Last Modified Date : 22/10/2018
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While testing QuickEdit of Endevor v18.0.12, an element was entered in lowercase.  The element was not found, even though it does exist in the inventory in uppercase.  
Two new fields have been introduced in V18 - UPPERCASE and CASE SENSITIVITY.

When entering elements names, these fields must be set appropriately in order to get the correct results.

The UPPERCASE field is used to determine if the element name entered on the panel should be translated to uppercase or not. 
The CASE SENSITIVITY field is used to determine if case - lower case, uppercase or mixed case, entered in the element name field is to be used. 

In this specific case where the element name existed in the Endevor as all uppercase and the element name was entered on the panel in lower case:
If UPPERCASE is set to N and CASE SENSITIVITY is set to Y,  Endevor will only return the element with a lower case element name.

Changing UPPERCASE to Y and CASE SENSITIVITY also set to Y, Endevor will first translate the element name field to uppercase and then look for elements in the inventory with only uppercase element names. 

If UPPERCASE is set to N and CASE SENSITIVITY is set to N, Endevor will look for all possible upper, lower and mixed case combinations of the element name.  This can result in very long waits in returning the element selection list because of the multiple searches that has to be performed. 
Additional Information:
Please see the Endevor V18 Release Notes for more information about UPPERCASE and CASE SENSITIVITY