An Acid Is Not Assigned To A Started Task When Starting It With SUB=MSTR

Document ID : KB000054237
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There are Started Tasks starting with SUB=MSTR, after CA Top Secret is active that do NOT get assigned an ACID.

Why are they NOT being assigned an ACID? Should they be assigned an ACID?


SYSVIEW doesn't show a userid assigned to the started tasks with "SUB=MTSR".

For example:
For the SYSVIEW ACTIVITY panel there is no USERID displayed for tasks starting in "SUB=MSTR". SDSF does the same.

SYSVIEW has the following explanation:

"The userid field is obtained out of the JSAB, which is pointed to by the ASSB. In the case of JES2 (and other system tasks), the pointer to the JSAB is zero, so it does not exist. The JSAB is created by JES2, so it appears that anything running under the MASTER subsystem will not have a JSAB pointer in the ASSB. If we don't find the userid in the JSAB, we also attempt to get if from the JES2 $SJB (Subsystem Job Block) that contains the userid from the jobcard (if any)."

CA Top Secret assigns the acid associated to the task as defined in the CA Top Secret Started Task Table (STC).

When LLA starts before CA Top Secret, the userid will be '+LLA'. If you pause LLA and start it again, the expected userid will be picked up assumming it's defined to the CA Top Secret Started Task Table (STC)

In the SYSVIEW or SDSF userid field, it will display blanked out for the above reason.

This can be verified if you have SYSVIEW installed:

  1. signon to SYSVIEW and issue the following command:

    ASID xxxx ;where xxxx is the asidname of tasks starting with sub=mstr.

  2. Then type command:

    DUMP 224%+6C%+C8? which will point to the ACEE

  3. Field ACEEUSRI at ACEE+x'15' will show the userid.


    Address Offset +0 +4 +8 +C
    007FC968 00000000 C1C3C5C5 FF000218 03000000 00000000 *ACEE............*
    007FC978 00000010 00000000 03D3D3C1 40404040 40015C40 *.....LLA .* *