AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Client Login reports error - "Cannot create Harvest Session. See your Administrator."

Document ID : KB000055893
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When logging into the AllFusion Harvest Change Manager (Harvest) client (Workbench and Administrator) the following error message is displayed:

  • "Cannot create Harvest Session. See your administrator".

There are a number of possible reasons why the Harvest Workbench and Administrator may not be able to create a valid Harvest session or connect to the server. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • Harvest Broker is not running.
  • Harvest Server, Client application and Database (DBPatch) are not at the same patch level.
  • Oracle? database may be shut down or unavailable.
  • You client software is using the cai/pt ODBC driver for Oracle8i when trying to connect to an Oracle9i database.
  • Defunct Harvest Server Process running on Unix.
  • Oracle? rollback segments were offline.
  • Broker name entered in login window was incorrect. Broker names are case sensitive in Harvest.
  • Permission on "cacrypt.ini" file under /etc is not set to 644.
  • Database Backup procedure was incorrect.
  • Recycle Harvest Broker/Server.
  • Ensure that the Harvest Patch level is the same on all the Harvest components including the DBPatch.
  • Use cai/pt ODBC driver for Oracle9i when accessing an Oracle9i database.
  • Check status of Oracle? rollback segments as a user with DBA privileges.
    1. Run the following sql statement:
    3. If status is offline, run following sql statement to bring it online.
    4. ALTER ROLLBACK SEGMENT <rollback_segment> ONLINE;
  • Harvest broker and server must to be shut down before starting your nightly Oracle? database backup.