ALERTSUM in ISPF hangs after UPD 60 Command

Document ID : KB000008687
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We came across a problem with the ALERTSUM command via the ISPF interface.

Via ISPF, if you do the ALERTSUM command, and then do UPD 60, the screen hangs and we see an X SYSTEM at the lower left of the screen. We have to hit ATTN to break free.

If we issue the same commands via the VTAM interface, it works fine.


Different interfaces into SYSVIEW handle command input differently from one another.


SYSVIEW's UPDATE mode is functioning as designed and expected. When using UPDATE mode through different interfaces, there are differences in the way command input is handled.


1. TSO will issue a command after the update time expires.

2. ISPF will ignore the command, the command cannot be entered until using ATTN to back out of UPDATE mode. If in a "split screen" session, the user is unable to switch to the other screen while UPDATE mode is active.

3. VTAM will process the issued command while continuing with the update interval.