alarms from new vmware probe in uim get assigned to event model instead of existing uimvm model

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Last Modified Date : 13/12/2018
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UIM alarms from the new vmware probe get assigned to a Spectrum event model instead of the existing UIM VM model
- UIM v8.5
- Impact: When the Spectrum event model that the alarm is assigned to doesn't match the device that is actually experiencing the alarm condition, the operators who watch Spectrum will assign the ticket to the wrong group.
- customer had a new UIM vmware robot model in Spectrum 
- this vmware is different than the others modeled, in UIM it is "standalone" on its own UIM robot probe, and not contained within UIM hubs as the rest of the vmware probes in our environment
- for this new model, some alarms do not get forwarded from the eventadmin model 
- When checking the events we see that when the alarm is forwarded, the {S8} variable for SBGW "target address" is an IP address but for those alarms which do not get forwarded, {S8} is a hostname, and hence the soutbound gateway (SBGW) cannot forward to the proper IP Address 
- When DNS is checked for the hostname it fails
- customer does not own the device so they cannot edit DNS to add an entry for it
*** can't find rpt00067: Non-existent domain
- configuration
- no host entry in DNS
For snmptd alarms, customer needs to know of any options that are available to send IP address in the trap alarm instead of hostname. See Resolution section.

The snmptd probe captures incoming traps and converts them into UIM alarms. 

The probe has a feature of 'Name resolution' 

Variable Expansion 
The SNMP-TRAP contains many elements, such as the Enterprise identifier, community string, trap types (generic and specific), and a variable list. The snmptd probe provides the means of extracting this information from the SNMP-TRAP as variables. You can use this information as part of the alarm message body. 

When you type $ (a dollar sign) in the Message text box, the following list of variables appears: 

One of them is: 

Defines the source IP address 


Optionally, you could try using the nas Name Service Tab if the hostname is resolvable to the IP. 

The nas is capable of doing host/IP translation.

Change the alarm field(s) with a NAS rule and/or DNS.