Alarm Log: Group report shows "Unknown" Alarm Cause for every alarm entry

Document ID : KB000030184
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When running Alarm log reports in Info view, the Alarm cause appears as "Unknown" for most of the alarms. The cause code is not populated in the reporting database, even though the PCause files are in place on the OneClick / Spectrum servers. This is a known issue that has been fixed via Patch "09.04.01.D18" and has been published in Spectrum

This problem occurs because of the locale settings that has been introduced in Spectrum 9.4 and above. You will see the following error messages in the Tomcat log file (stdout.log/catalina.out).

(SRM/AlarmHandler/bucketReader) (SRM_Alarms) - (ERROR) - Error attempting to retrieve cause 0x4b6002d.

Caused by: Prob04b6002d_en_NZ (The system cannot find the file specified)



After upgrading to Spectrum or Installing the Patch 09.04.01.D18, there are couple of post installation steps that need to be performed.

You will need to run the below steps to execute SQL query against MySQL reporting database, i.e.

a. From a command prompt, navigate to <SPECROOT>\MySQL\bin folder and execute the below commands:

     mysql.exe -uroot -proot reporting

b. Run the following SQL query on mysql prompt

  -> truncate table alarmtitles;
  -> truncate table pcause;

c. Stop tomcat service on the Oneclick server and reinitialize the reporting database with 45 days of data. "This is needed to repopulate the database entries with the correct PCause Titles".

  -> RpmgrInitializeLandscape.bat root root -initHist 45 -all'

d. Restart the Tomcat service.

Now the PCause Titles would be populated in the database correctly.

Please contact CA support if you need the patch or need any further clarification.