Alarm is set to "User Clearable" but the alarm can still not be manually cleared

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Last Modified Date : 18/07/2018
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Alarm is set to "User Clearable" but the alarm can still not be manually cleared
CA Spectrum
The reason for this is the setting was changed after the alarm was generated. This alarm setting will only apply to new alarms that have been asserted after the change was made. For any existing alarms that you would like to manually clear, below are instructions on how to clear them:

1. First, you will need to find the event code that generated the alarm.

2. Next, you will need to search through the EventDisp files on the SpectroSERVER to determine which event will clear the alarm.

- On Windows, you will want to use a tool such as Agent Ransack to find this information or you can open a bash shell and run the Linux command below.

- On Linux, the commands below can be used:

find -name EventDisp | xargs grep <Event_Code>

For example, if we want to find which event will clear an alarm generated by the 0x002106fe event, you will want to find the following line:

0x00210701 E 30 C 0x002106fe

Which states that event 0x00210701 will clear any alarm generated by 0x002106fe

3. Now that we have the event code, please go back into OneClick and get the value for the Model_Handle attribute for the devices that the alarm is associated with.

4. Finally you will want to login to the SpectroSERVER and run the following commands (Open a bash shell if using Windows):

cd <SPECROOT>/vnmsh
./create event type=<Event_Code_from_Step_2> text="CLEAR" mh=<Model_Handle_from_Step_3>

Once this event is generated, the alarm should now be cleared in OneClick.