Alarm and QOS Retention periods

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Last Modified Date : 30/11/2018
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Currently there are 3 retention period settings.
2 are located in the NAS probe
1 is located in the data_engine probe.

Below is detailed information
1) NAS stored data in two places, the local sql Lite database and the back end SQL databases used by UMP.
To see the retention time for the local SQL database please open the nas probe and go to the setup tab and look at the transaction log tab.

Full details here:
Transaction Log Tab
2) the second location is the retention period on the back end database for alarms.
Go into nas and the setup tab and go the nisbridge.

Details here:
NIS Bridge Tab
3) The last is for QOS retention this is controlled by the data_engine.
Click on configure data_engine and go general tab you will see the QOS retention periods

Full details here:
General Tab
Usually most clients keep the two NAS settings the same. This is also what support would recommend.

nis bridge
transaction log
raw data
historic data

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