AHD58002 header size error when attempting to create a request ticket by email

Document ID : KB000007368
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I was trying to create a ticket by email, and in stdlog it presents the following errors: 

07/04 16:08:49.56 SDMW8PRI spelsrvr 2892 ERROR cr_chg_text_api.spl 449 HEADER SIZE ERROR! 
07/04 16:08:49.56 SDMW8PRI boplgin 2828 ERROR bplaccess.c 6211 get_roles failed; cannnot find session with id 0 and userid cnt: 
07/04 16:08:49.56 SDMW8PRI spelsrvr 2892 ERROR cr_chg_text_api.spl 1393 AHD58002:Unrecognized input. Header size of (15) does not match expected value (16). Cannot continue processing! 

CA Service Desk Manager 17.0, and earlierMay occur due to manually migrating a particular customized file from an earlier version of CA Service Desk Manager.

One possible cause is that the text_api.pl file that exists in the $NX_ROOT\bin directory is a customized file that is based on an earlier version of CA Service Desk Manager rather than on the current version that exists in the environment.  The file may have been copied from a pre-migration environment to the current environment for the purpose of retaining the customization.


Compare the size and timestamp of the "text_api.pl" file that exists in $NX_ROOT\bin to the size of the file that is in the CA-provided product packages that are applied to the environment.  

If there is no mismatch, perform a side-by-side compare of the entire file to confirm that there is a difference. 

If there is a mismatch or the side-by-side shows some differences, then archive/move/delete the current file, obtain the "text_api.pl" from the CA package, and replace the current file with the CA file.

Additional Information:

In a CA Service Desk Manager 17.0 environment with no patch history file, the size of the file would be as below (the timestamp on your system may be slightly different):