Agile Designer license error: Importing CmActLicense Failed. A suitable CmActLicense already exists. Error 266

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If you are trying to import a license container into CodeMeter Control Center, but you already have an existing license or license container, or you have recently deleted the license or container without restarting the CodeMeter service, you will receive the following error message: Error: Import CmAct failed. A suitable CmActLicense already exists, Error 266. 

CA Agile Requirements Designer (ARD)- Agile Designer

Here are some scenarios in which you would see this error message:

1. You have an existing license and you are trying to import the license container or license again. 
- If I attempt to import a license container or new license using the 'Import license update' function, the error appears.

2. If you have recently deleted an old license or container and then try to import the license container again without restarting the CodeMeter service.
- If I attempt to import the license container into an empty CodeMeterCC window, I receive the error message even though I just deleted the old license. 


The license container is the 'AgileDesigner.wbb' file from your Agile Designer directory/activation folder that gets imported into CodeMeter Control Center. The licensing team uses this template to create a license specific to your machine. The file created looks similar to 32767-2825990913.WibuCmRaC.

agile designer wbb.png

license container in ccc.png


If you are trying to import an existing/previously activated license or the same existing license container into CodeMeterCC, you will not be able to. There is no need to re-import the same license container if one already exists. If you need to apply a new license, we suggest deleting the existing license (which also deletes the license container), re-import the license container, and apply the new license. 

1. Directions to delete existing/old license: 

2. Directions to import license container: 

3. Directions to apply offline license: (Skip to the 'Apply the offline license through CodeMeter' section) 


If you receive this error message while importing a new license or the license container into CodeMeterCC, you probably need to restart the CodeMeter service to see an accurate/updated depiction of what is in the window. You can do this by going to Process -> Restart CodeMeter Service in the toolbar. You will need admin privileges to do this. 

restart cm service.png

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