Agile Central - SDK: How can we change the pagesize limit for a Shared View combo box?

Document ID : KB000125529
Last Modified Date : 30/01/2019
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The pagination is breaking with this functionality beyond the '200' pagesize that is specified here. Simply editing this value to a larger number isn't working. 

How can we resolve this?
    ptype: 'rallygridboardsharedviewcontrol',
    sharedViewConfig: {
        enableUrlSharing: this.isFullPageApp !== false,
        stateful: true,
        pageSize: 200,
        limit: 200,
        queryMode: 'remote',
        stateId: this.getContext().getScopedStateId('views'),
        stateEvents: ['select', 'beforedestroy'],
        suppressViewNotFoundNotification: this._suppressViewNotFoundNotification,
        emptyText: 'Select or Add Saved View...',
        additionalFilters: [this.piTypePicker.getCurrentViewFilter()],
        defaultViews:, (view) => {
            Ext.apply(view, {
                Value: Ext.JSON.encode(view.Value, true)
            return view;
        }, this)

You shall need to override the configuration for your SharedViewComboBox. Here is an example:
Ext.override(Rally.ui.gridboard.SharedViewComboBox, {
_getStoreConfig: function(){
     var config = this.callParent();
     config.pageSize = 2000;
     return config;