Agile Central - On Premise: How frequently does LDAP Sync job run?

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Last Modified Date : 22/01/2019
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How frequently does the LDAP Sync job run for the On-Premise edition (2018.1) ?
Can we change the default?
The LDAP Sync job (if enabled) runs every 15 mins by default.

The LDAP Sync job is a cron job file. This file is named: ldapcron.cron . This file is located under: /etc/cron.d . 
Here is what this file looks like:

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Here is a generic cron-job definition:
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In order to change the 15 mins cron-job window, you shall update the ldapcron.cron file and edit it according to this format above.

Note that by default this file permissions are as such that will require root to update this file. You can see the file permissions by navigating to folder: /etc/cron.d/ and running:  ls -l . If you need to change permissions then use the chmod command.

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Additional Information:
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