Agile Central - Notifications: How to export a list of all project users along with their email notifications status

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Last Modified Date : 21/08/2018
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How can we find the Email Notification selection of all users in our project?
The Email Notification is a preference of each user. It is part of the User endpoint, in a field named: EmailNotificationsEnabled
However, this field is not part of any of the Agile Central screens and can not be added to apps such as Custom List. The reason is that this field is not queriable:

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However, we can use the Excel add-in to get this information. In the Excel add-in we shall use the ProjectPermission endpoint , filter it by the project we need and manually include the 'User.UserProfile.EmailNotificationEnabled' column. Below is a screenshot showing how to create the query along with the spreadsheet.

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Additional Information:
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