Agile Central - BrightIdeas Version 3,0 of Idea Boards not loading

Document ID : KB000118920
Last Modified Date : 06/11/2018
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When you select V 3.0 from the list and go to Ideas by Status page it doesn't load. In the console I am seeing an error. raven.js:1105 GET 500 (anonymous) @ raven.js:1105 t.request @ requestEnhancers.jsx:70 s @ index.jsx:55 (anonymous) @ index.jsx:88 (anonymous) @ index.js:11 dispatch @ redux.js:563 (anonymous) @ index.jsx:124 (anonymous) @ index.js:11 (anonymous) @ index.jsx:20 (anonymous) @ index.jsx:18 i @ bootstrap:78 n @ bootstrap:45 (anonymous) @ bootstrap:151 (anonymous) @ bootstrap:151 (anonymous) @ universalModuleDefinition:9 (anonymous) @ universalModuleDefinition:1 index.jsx:62 Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 at index.jsx:62

When switched to V 2.0, it works fine.
Unfortunately, Idea boards V 3.0 is not supported on Agile Central (Rally) sites. For Idea Boards V 3.0, it requires certain features that are not available in Agile Central (Rally) at this time so it will not work if enabled.

The customer will need to use Idea Board V 2.0 in this case.