Agile Central - User Story - Can we know if a user story was split?

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Last Modified Date : 26/10/2018
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- Can we tell if a user story was split?
- We would like to run a query occasionally that will return all the stories that were split in a given time period. Can that be achieved?
When splitting a user story there isn't an event that records the actual split. The generated events are:
- Create - for the new story.
- Update - of the story that was split.
- Create (optional) if you opt to create a parent to keep both split stories together.

This means there isn't a way to query a split because it's never recorded as a split.

What you can still do is use a tag to mark that a story was split. You can agree on a special tag and you'll need to ensure your team remembers to apply it to all split stories. Then, you can query by the tag to locate the split stories.
Additional Information:
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