Agile Central - Fields: How to export any artifact fields to an Excel sheet or CSV file

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Last Modified Date : 11/10/2018
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When using the Setup Area -> Workspaces and Projects, we can print the list of fields of any artifact. It's a nice printout, however, we'd like to get this list in a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. Is there a way to export the list of fields available to each artifact to a CSV file?

Yes. There is a way.

You can use our Agile Central Excel add-in and export the fields/attributes of your artifact. Below is a screenshot example showing how to export the attributes of the Defect artifact. 

Notice your query is for the TypeDefinition endpoint. Also notice, you will need to manually add the 'Attributes' to the Columns string. This will export the list of all attributes in a single column, in below example it's column E.

User-added image

At this point, you can copy the contents of this Attributes column, then create a new text file and paste it there.
You shall notice this comma delimited string is actually wrapped in double-quotes such as: 
"attr1,attr2,attr3,attr4".  You will need to take out the wrapping double-quote characters leaving your text file string as a comma-delimited string such as: attr1,attr2,attr3,attr4.

At this point you can save this file as a CSV file and load it to Excel and each attribute will be in its own line.

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