Agile Central - Defect: How can we compare the drop-down values of two custom fields?

Document ID : KB000117620
Last Modified Date : 16/10/2018
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We have two drop-down custom fields on the Defect artifact. They are both heavily populated with values. Is there a way to compare the values of these two custom fields?
Essentially, you shall use WSAPI to get the list of values of your fields, then use a text editor (such as Notepad++) or other software (such as WinMerge) to compare your lists.

Step 1: Get your fields values from Agile Central using WSAPI.

- You need to find out the exact name of your custom fields by checking the WSAPI site, navigating to the artifact (in this question, a Defect), locating the custom field and realizing it's actual name. Names of Custom Fields usually are prefixed with 'c_'.

- Run this query to receive the list of values of each custom field:<Arfitact Name>/<Your Custom Field Name>/allowedvalues

This will return a JSON structure including the value list.

Step 2: Convert the JSON to a CSV, perhaps XML or any format you'd like before comparing the values.

Step 3: Use any 3rd party software that allows you comparing the value lists.
Additional Information:
- Check out WSAPI site.