Aggregations are Incorrect for Users with Limited Rights for an Attribute on a Secure Subpage

Document ID : KB000045908
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Aggregations on the project list show wrong results if the attribute is on a secure subpage and the user does not have global subpage view rights to that subpage.

Steps to Reproduce:

More then one page of projects on the project list with more than one project containing data for the attribute being aggregated (In this example, the Planning Cost attribute).

To add Planning Cost:

  1. Go to Home->Projects, and click on a project
  2. From the Project Properties page select the 'Budget' subpage
  3. Enter a value in 'Planned Capital Cost', this will populate a 'Planned Cost'

Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create an aggregation on the project object:

  • In PPM go to Administration->Objects->Project->Views
  • Click on 'Layout' next to Project List
  • Add 'Planned Cost' to 'Selected Columns' then click 'Save and Return'
  • Click on 'Aggregation' on the Project List row
  • Click 'Add'
  • Create a name in the 'Label' field
  • Attribute = Planned Cost
  • Function = Sum
  • Click 'Save and Return' then 'Save and Return' again

    2. Make the Budget subpage secure

  • In PPM go to Administration->Objects->Project->Views
  • Click 'Layout: Edit' next to 'Project Properties'
  • Click the properties icon for the 'Budget' subpage
  • Check the 'Secure' subpage and click 'Save and Return'

    3. Create a new user with the following access:

  • In PPM go to Administration->Resources->New
  • Enter required information and click Save
  • Select Resource's Access Rights tab then Global
    • Add the following rights:
      • Projects - Navigate
      • Project - View Management - All access
    • Select 'Resource's Access Rights' then 'Instance':
      • Click Add, select the Object, 'Project' then click 'Next'
      • Check the check box next to the Access Right: 'Project - Subpage Budget (ID: simpleBudget.projectCreate) - View' then click 'Add and Continue'
      • Select one project, then click 'Add' (In this example, a project without Planned Cost was used)

     4. Login as the user created as step 1 and go to Home->Projects. View the Planned Cost Aggregation amount

Expected Result:  Planned Cost shows the total amount for all projects in PPM

Actual Result:  Planned Cost does not show the total amount for all projects in PPM, and the value changes from Page 1 to other pages on the list. This amount does not line up with the Planned Cost on the current page


Applies to all supported PAS environments for PPM 14.3 and 14.4 


This is caused by CLRT-80994. 


This issue is currently under review as CLRT-80994

Workaround: Grant view access to the subpage the attribute is located on. (In this example: Project - Subpage Budget (ID: simpleBudget.projectCreate) - View access) at the global level