"Agent Metric Aging" is not working correctly

Document ID : KB000095170
Last Modified Date : 15/05/2018
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Using an EPA Agent Server, this EPA agent Server is receiving data from other servers via a wget command like this: 

wget -q -O /dev/null "http://<Address>:10080/?metricType=IntCounter&metricName=Host|SAS_M4|remoto|SAS_Publicacion|`hostname`:Segundos&metricValue=30" 

Stopping the wget cmd , there is no more data received and after restart EPA agent
the metric turn to grey color, but it never disappears. 
APM version is 10.1.15 
Agent metric aging is working properly. The user need to get rid of inactive metrics shown in workstation
This behavior  is addressed as an enhancement in 10.5.
As workarround :
Install a 10.5.x workstation to connect with 10.1.5 EM  ;
the 10.5 workstation has an option to no more display inactive metrics .