After V 17.0 is installed under CSM, applying maintenance may show ptf's with superseded status

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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One of the benefits of CSM (formally known as MSM) is to provide users with
reporting of the status of their installed product CSI.  An SMP/E API is   
issued that builds a table of all the maintenance identified by the request.
So, by the very nature of CSM, ALL maintenance (USERMOD, APAR, PTF) are    
listed in the table and the user has the option of performing any applicable
action against that sysmod (USERMOD, APAR or PTF).                         
By installing the V17 GA version of Endevor, ALL the maintenance that was  
published BEFORE the GA product was produced is already installed, BUT, the
API will list those sysmods and supply their STATUS.                       
If a SYSMOD is ACCEPTED/SUPERCEDED, then there is NOTHING that needs to be done.                                                                      
When an UPDATE of the Product Catalog is performed, CSM will request that  
the published maintenance for installed products be populated in the HOST  
Catalog.  The maintenance is obtained from SUPPORT.CA.COM.                 
Then CSM will display the maintenance that needs to be installed for a product.                                                                   
ONLY the maintenance that has a STATUS of NOT RECEIVED should be RECEIVED. 

ONLY the maintenance that has a STATUS of RECIEVED should be APPLIED.       
ONLY the maintenance that has a STATUS of APPLIED should be ACCEPTED.       
So, the bottom line is that IF ANY SYSMOD is in ACCEPTED/SUPERCEDED STATUS, 
it means that there is no action available for this SYSMOD and it was       
probably installed into the pax file.                                       
If you don't attempt an SMP/E action that is NOT APPLICABLE to the SYSMOD, everything remains fine and dandy.                                                                  
If you try to perform unncessary actions on SYSMODS, then problems occur.     
Abide by the SMP/E rules and use CSM to replace JCL. If you have any questions, contact technical support.