After upgrading CA Symdump for CICS (Symdump) to r9.1, the SYMD transaction failed at startup because program IN25SYMU was not found.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Symdump for CICS was upgraded from r9.0 to r9.1.  In this new version, we found that the r9.0 symdump.CABACI67 loadlib was replaced by the r9.1 symdump.CABALOAD loadlib. After making the change to our CICS region JCL and bringing up the region, the SYMD transaction failed because IN25SYMU could not be found.  Are there any further steps we need to take in order to complete the upgrade and use the new version of Symdump successfully? 


CA Symdump for CICS release 9.1 installed into a CICS/TS region. 


An older version (r9.0) of the SYMDUMP RDO group was in use.

  • Prior to Symdump release 9.0, the older releases of Symdump used loadlibs specific to the region's CICS release, CACICSxx (where xx corresponds to the CICS release
    • CACICS64, CACICS65, etc.
    • Each program name began with IN25 to correspond to the PPT entries
  • All PPT entries used in the older releases began with IN25.
  • Changes to this practice were introduced with Symdump r9.0
    • Although the naming convention changed, the loadlib names still corresponded to the CICS release
      • CACICS64 was replaced by CABACI64, CACICS65 by CABACI65, etc. 
    • Program alias names were also introduced with r9.0
      • IN25xxxx names now had a corresponding CICS release specific alias INcrxxxx (where cr = CICS release)
        • Example, member IN67COLD found in CABACI67, was an alias of IN25COLD
        • IN25SYMU did not have an alias
      •  Modules common to all CICS releases did not use an alias
        • IN25OPTS, IN25SEC2, etc
    • PPT entries in the Symdump RDO group did not change
      • The PPT entries still began with IN25
      • There were no PPT entries for the alias members

  • More changes have been introduced with Symdump release 9.1
    • The individual CICS specific loadlibs have been replaced with symdump.CABALOAD and symdump.CAVHLOAD
      • The modules common to all CICS releases still use the IN25 naming convention
        • IN25OPTS, IN25SEC2, etc
    • Alias members have been eliminated, all CICS specific modules are included in the single loadlib
      • They now use the INcrxxxx naming convention (where cr = CICS release) previously used by the alias members in Symdump r9.0
      • Each module has multiple entries corresponding to a specific CICS release 
        • IN64SYMU, IN65SYMU, IN66SYMU, IN67SYMU, etc.
    • Programs common to all CICS releases still use PPT entries beginning with IN25 
      • IN25OPTS, IN25SEC2, etc.
    • PPT entries specific to a CICS release now use the INxx naming convention
      • IN64, IN65, etc.
      • In this case, the PPT entry IN25SYMU has been replaced with IN67SYMU


Edit and execute the specific CSDSYMxx member from the r9.1 symdump.CABAJCL to replace the older RDO entries with those from r9.1 according to the specific release of CICS active in the region.    


Additional Information:

Reference the section entitled "Add the Required CICS Resource Definitions" found in the  CA Symdump for CICS r9.1 Installation Guide