After upgrading CA Datacom/DB, why do my CA MetaCOBOL+ program compiles fail with DLBA241F - DATADICTIONARY FATAL ERROR "MSS"?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Following an upgrade of the CA Datacom/DB software, all CA MetaCOBOL+ programs that are compiled are failing with error message DLBA241F - DATADICTIONARY FATAL ERROR " MSS". What is the problem?


The Error Code MSS is defined as a "Max Sub-String" error, which is further explained:

Explanation: You have exceeded the maximum number of secondary sets allowed by the System Resource Table NSTLVL= parameter.
User Response: Increase the value of the NSTLVL= parameter in the System Resource Table.

The default setting in the DDSYSTBL member (Datadictionary System Resource Table) for NSTLVL is 2, and the description of the NSTLVL parameter in the CA Datacom/DB Database and System Administrator Guide indicates that CA MetaCOBOL+ requires a value of 9.

The correction for this error is to change the NSTLVL value to 9 and reassemble the DDSYSTBL member into load module DDSRTLM. This module should be immediately available following the assembly/linkedit, as with any other batch load module.