After upgrade to z/OS 2.1 I started to receive message IKJ79152I ERROR OCCURRED IN EXit ikjefld1. The exit ended with system abend s66D. What causes this?

Document ID : KB000018446
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The abend S66D is caused by the PUTGET macro in any code for the tso environment to now REQUIRE a UPT address in the first fullword of the IOPL parameter list.


At z/OS 2.1 level, IBM are now enforcing the requirement for the UPT address to be in the first word of the IOPL parameter list for the PUTGET MACRO.

Prior to z/OS 2.1 the requirement was not enforced and would not cause any abend if word1 did not contain the UPT address.