After the Cumulative Patch had been installed, "Internal" option of some Activity Notifications was changed.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After we install the r14.1 Cumulative Patch, 'Internal' option of "Attach Doc" and "Detach Doc" was changed from "Yes" to "No". What caused the change? Are there any other Activity Notifications the setting was changed?




This is expected behavior. After we apply the Cumulative patch, data insert and update will be done as a part of the Post Installation Steps, such as insert santafe_insert.dat and update santafe_update.dat files. Some Activity Notifications will be updated by the file. The santafe_update.dat has the following entries.


TABLE Act_Type
del code id sym description internal flag1 flag2 flag3 flag4 flag5 cr_notify_info chg_notify_info iss_notify_info mgs_notify_info ci_flag ci_notify_info

{ "0" ,"RMVTSK" ,"5632" ,"Delete Workflow Task" ,"Delete a workflow task" , "0" ,"1" ,"1" ,"1" ,"0", "0","macro:6048" ,"macro:6011" ,"macro:20221" ,"macro:6049", 0, "" }
{ "0" ,"ADDTSK" ,"5633" ,"Insert Workflow Task" ,"Insert a workflow task" ,
{"0", "ATTACHTDOC", "5623", "Attach Doc", "Attach Document", "0", "1", "1", "1", "0", "0", "macro:13091", "macro:5894", "macro:20020", "macro:20060", "1", "macro:300072"}
{"0", "DETACHTDOC", "5624", "Detach Doc", "Detach Document", "0", "1", "1", "1", "0", "0", "macro:13092", "macro:5895", "macro:20021", "macro:20090", "1", "macro:300073"} 


As per the above list, "ATTACHTDOC", "DETACHTDOC", "Delete Workflow Task", and "Insert Workflow Task" Activity Notifications will be updated with Internal setting "0". As a result, their Internal option setting are changed from "Yes" to "No".