After SARPAC, Old Tapes Still Remaining Showing One Report

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After a run of SARPAC, the client saw that their old tapes still remaining in the SARPAC tape list indicating that one active report still remained on the tape.



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In this instance, the client was performing SARPACs using "//SYSIN DD ..." of TAPESEQ=nnnnn (single tape), and the tapes in question had, at their beginning, a continuation of a report.

As SARPAC cannot move a partial report, the tapes (despite having other reports being moved) continued to hold the partial report. 

The client was advised to do the following, for future SARPACs of this type:

 . Run a SARTCP TAPEMAP, to determine if the targeted tape contains any partial reports, either at the beginning of the tape or at the end of a tape (where the report would finish on a subsequent tape). 

 . If not, then that solo tape can be input to SARPAC. 

 . If so, then determine what other tapes surrounding that tape contain the other pieces of the partial reports, continuing that process until there is a tape range to input to SARPAC, whereas there are all complete reports.