After Operating System installation using Client Automation, some files that contains encrypted password remain on the system.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CA Client Automation allows you to deploy Operating Systems,

in older versions it would leave files behind that included encrypted passwords,

this document explains how to remove them. 


After Operating System installation using Client Automation,

why do some files that contains encrypted password remain on the system ?

CA Client Automation - All Versions

1. Remove files manually that are present on the Target system where OS installation is already done.

Windows Operating Systems:

  • C:\ca-osim
  • C:\oeminst
  • C:\sdagent
  • C:\Canpc.dat
  • C:\Setup.bat
  • C:\Osimconf.ini
  • SetupComplete.cmd from(\windows\setup\scripts\)


Linux Operating Systems:

  • /tmp/osim
  • /tmp/sdagent


2.     For new OS Installations, the following procedure can be used to delete the files automatically

      A.    Add new boot parameter in the .def file as below:







      Comment= If Yes, all OSIM related files will be deleted after Operating System installation. If No, some

      OSIM related files will remain on the target system.           

       item=yes "yes"

       item=no "no"


       B. Add the following in the oobecustom.cmd (For Windows 8 and above operating systems) and custom.cmd

           file (For Windows 7) Operating systems):

           rem -- OSIM files cleanup

           if  "$CleanupOSIMFiles$" == "yes" (

           echo -- remove OSIM related files and folders >> c:\calogfile.txt

           rd  /S /Q  "c:\ca-osim" >> c:\calogfile.txt

          rd  /S /Q  "c:\oeminst" >> c:\calogfile.txt

          rd  /S /Q  "c:\sdagent"  >> c:\calogfile.txt

          del /f /Q  "c:\canpc.dat" >> c:\calogfile.txt

          del /f /Q  "c:\setup.bat" >> c:\calogfile.txt

         del  /f /Q  "c:\osimconf.ini">> c:\calogfile.txt

         del  /f /Q "%WINDIR%\Setup\Scripts\SetupComplete.cmd" >> c:\calogfile.txt

         rmdir /S /Q "c:\ca-osim" >> c:\calogfile.txt

         )  else  (

         echo -- Skipping the removal of OSIM related files and folders>>c:\calogfile.txt


Based on the boot parameter CleanupOSIMFiles value, all the OSIM residual files and folders

excepts logs will be deleted automatically post OS installation.

Additional Information:

Note: This solution will already be included with releases later than Client Automation 14.0 SP1.