After importing the igateway.cer into my browser's trusted certificate store, I am still given a warning?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This Document explains how to change the URL of your EEM ADMIN UI from the default location (localhost) to the actual machine so you don't get a certificate error every time you bring up the Admin UI.


  • Assuming that you have already read and followed the instructions on how to import the igateway.cer certificate to eliminate the error you see below in the screenshot, you still get this error since the certificate you have imported is under the machine name and NOT "Localhost". If you change the url from localhost to the actual machine name and the error goes away, then you use this document to edit the URL in the Admin UI shortcut

  • When opening the url https://localhost:5250/spin/eiam/eiam.csp by default people see this error even if they have imported the certificate properly.

    Figure 1

  • This is how to change the default page so the machine name shows up every time and we don't get a certificate error.

  • Right click on the ADMIN UI and select Properties. Look at user the shortcut tab. You will find the "target" path and see that it points to the file "eiamspindle.url"

    Figure 2

    ("C:\Program Files\CA\SC\EmbeddedEntitlementsManager\uninstall\eiamspindle.url") This file dictates what URL to open.

    So we navigate to C:\Program Files\CA\SC\EmbeddedEntitlementsManager\uninstall and right click and select Properties of this file (eiamspindle, type=Internet Shortcut) And on the "Web Document" tab:

  • The URL would be https://localhost:5250/spin/eiam/eiam.csp

  • You can change it to the machine host name for example:

    Figure 3

  • Click Ok after the change and open the Admin UI again, it should open to the new URL that you setup.