After deploying the CABI probe to a robot we are getting the following error for the Probe 'cabi' : (command = <startup java>) returns no-restart code (42)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After installing the CABI probe it will will not start.
We see the following in the log files on loglevel 5:
Oct 04 11:23:46:296 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec] do-install-upgrade-test:
Oct 04 11:23:46:296 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo] Checking DBMS host and port:
Oct 04 11:23:46:296 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo] About to validate port: CBDSQLSERVR1:1433
Oct 04 11:23:46:327 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo]   Port 1433 is OK
Oct 04 11:23:46:342 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo] Done validating port: CBDSQLSERVR1:1433
Oct 04 11:23:46:342 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo] Validating administrative database connection at jdbc:tibcosoftware:sqlserver://sqlservername:1433;SelectMethod=cursor;sendTimestampEscapeAsString=false. Phase: [test]
Oct 04 11:23:46:342 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo] About to validate JDBC jar existence
Oct 04 11:23:46:342 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo]   Look in: C:/Program Files/Nimsoft/cabi/buildomatic/conf_source/db/sqlserver/jdbc
Oct 04 11:23:46:342 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo]   Found jar file: assuming OK
Oct 04 11:23:46:342 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo]   Jar or Jars found: TIsqlserver-5.14.jar;jasperreports-pro-6.0.0.jar
Oct 04 11:23:46:514 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec] [advanced-sql] Failed to connect: [Tibcosoftware][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Cannot open user default database. Login failed.
Oct 04 11:23:46:514 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo] Connection failed:
Oct 04 11:23:46:514 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo]   SQLState: HY000
Oct 04 11:23:46:514 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo]   Vendor specific error code: 4064
Oct 04 11:23:46:514 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]      [echo]   Message: [[Tibcosoftware][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Cannot open user default database. Login failed.]
Oct 04 11:23:46:514 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec]
Oct 04 11:23:46:514 [Thread-1, cabi]      [exec] BUILD FAILED


We ran the following command on the SQL server instance through SQL management studio:
After this was done we deactivated the CABI probe and activated it and it worked.

NOTE: The data_engine and wasp had no problem connecting and working with the previous setting.