After converting from JES3 to JES2 how do I route a message over from one lpar to another

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Last Modified Date : 10/12/2018
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We recently converted from JES3 to JES2 and with JES3, we had a global lpar defined in a 6-lpar sysplex. So, all messages would get resent from a local lpar over to the global lpar. We also set a GLOBAL variable called GLOBAL and set that to Y on the global lpar and N on the local lpars in OPS/MVS. Then alot of rules check that GLOBAL for Y before they do something. So, we kept that concept and are basically just setting the old GLOBAL to still be the global with JES2 and setting that variable to Y for that old global lpar and I have put some OPSSEND commands in some rules so, in the event we get a certain message on one of the old local lpars, the OPSSEND will send the message over to the old GLOBAL system for the rule to process. But, I am seeing some strange things with this in OPS/MVS and I was wondering if there might be a better way to handle this under JES2?
The client was getting odd results because rules were firing for the cross system messages (had MVSGLOBAL set for aofmessages) as well as OPSSEND messages from the other systems. They are going to remove the OPSSENDS. They are currently routing messages over to the "global" jes2 system, since they have much automation that works that way. They'll make the change and monitor.