After configuring a CA SDM 12.9 Background server in Advanced Availability Mode, the configuration process appears to hang on additional attempts.

Document ID : KB000028715
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After a CA SDM 12.9 environment has been configured for Advanced Availability, the configuration process (i.e. pdm_configure) may get stuck when it is run on the Background server in the environment.


In a CA SDM 12.9 Advanced Availability configuration, the desire is to always reduce the down time in the environment so any maintenance performed in the environment must have consideration for this.

If the CA SDM configuration process were to be executed on a Background server, the environment would not be in a completely working state since all singleton processes would be offline. If you desire to run the CA SDM configuration on a Background server, it must first be demoted to a "Standby" server so that a replacement Background server can continue to function with the singleton processes.

For example, if you wanted to run pdm_configure on all servers in a CA SDM environment that had a single Background, a single Standby and two Application servers the process would be as follows.

1. Configuration is first run on the current Standby server.  Once the configuration is complete, the "pdm_server_control -b" command should be executed to promote the Standby server to become the Background server.

2. Configuration is then run on the old/previous Background server (which is now a Standby server).  Once configuration is complete you can then promote this server back to the Background position with the "pdm_server_control -b" command or you can leave the server in its current Standby state.

3. Configuration can then be run on the Application servers, one at a time, after they are quiesced with the command "pdm_server_control -q X").

(replace "X" with the length of time for the quiesce)