After applying a cumulative patch, pdm_configure fails during the task named "Create localized resources".

Document ID : KB000049197
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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pdm_configure fails during the first step, Create localized resources.

During the failure, the following messages are written to $NX_ROOT\log\configure.log:

WARN 220 Create localized resources : Task failed (Create localized resources ). Continue?

The generation of localized resources had errors.

Please check the resource.log for detailed information.


Verify that you have correctly applied the language patch of a cumulative patch set.

For example, for 12.6 CA SDM, cumulative patch #3 consists of three patches: a binary patch, a forms patch, and a language patch. The language patch must be unzipped using cazipxp. When it is unzipped, several .caz files are extracted. These are language-specific patches. One of these language-specific patches must be applied to Service Desk Manager using applyptf.

Specifically, for 12.6 CA SDM Cum#3, the language patch is patch RO53134. The language-specific patch for the English language that is contained in RO53134 isRO53126.

If you do not apply a language-specific patch, then when you run pdm_configure, the first task that is executed (after you finish entering the required information in the input forms) fails. The first task is called "Create localized resources". You should exit from the Configuration tool, apply the appropriate language-specific patch, and then re-run the tool.