[AE] ucybchng v12.0.4 crashes with segmentation fault if value in change rule is blank

Document ID : KB000101483
Last Modified Date : 03/07/2018
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Customer was using "ucybchng" to modify the transport, However the "ucybchng" crashes with "segmentation fault " if in the script we use the new value blank 
If the value not blank, then the "ucybchng" run without any problem
./ucybchng -b -1/utility/script.txt -2/utility/transport.txt -3/utility/new_transport.txt

ucybchng v12.0.4
Eempty string was not allowed in REPLACE_PART statement as old value of an attribute.
This has been fixed in following versions:
  • Automation.Engine 12.2.0
  • Automation.Engine 11.2.8
  • Automation.Engine 12.1.3
  • Automation.Engine 12.0.6