Advantage CA-COBOL/XE Maintenance Transaction

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Advantage CA-COBOL/XE provides an online CICS transaction, referred to as the maintenance transaction, to allow you to override certain run-time unit options that were specified at compile time for the subsequent execution of any Advantage CA-COBOL/XE application program.

The online CICS transaction PVCM (or whichever transaction is associated with program PVLSMN30), displays the following input screen:

COBOL/XE                     Maintenance Transaction                                                                                            _ <-- Enter Y to purge COBOL/XE debug information at this terminal                                                                              Enter Y or N or decimal number to override the indicated compile-time option|               on the next COBOL/XE run-unit at this terminal          |                                                                       |       Enter Y or N or number to override the indicated compile-time option|       |               on subsequent COBOL/XE run-units at this terminal V       V                                                               _ ..... _ ..... DEBUG ... (Y/N: provide interactive debugging)          _ ..... _ ..... XDUMP ... (Y/N: produce CICS transaction dump on run-time err)_ ..... _ ..... XABBR ... (Y/N: produce abbreviated err screen on run-time err)_ ..... _ ..... NOABSCRN  (Y/N: do not intercept abends)                _ ..... _ ..... EW3270 .. (Y/N: all display/accepts are to use erase/writes)_ ..... _ ..... CONV .... (Y/N: all display/accepts are to be conversational)_ ..... _ ..... STATEMAIN (Y/N: write state info to main temp storage)____ .. ____ .. FLOW .... (number of entries in trace table)  _______ _______ MAXBRNCH  (maximum number of branches between terminal reads)                                                                                                                                                Hit ENTER to update options; hit a PA key to cancel the maintenance transaction

Invoke PVCM prior to your application execution. Select each option and specify whether you want to override each option for the next run-unit only, or for all subsequent run-units from this terminal. If you do not specify an option, it will default to the option specified at compile-time.

Each of the maintenance transaction options is defined below...

Compile Options that can be Overridden by the Maintenance Transaction

(The compile default is ABSCRN.)

The ABSCRN option allows the CA-COBOL/XE run-time system to intercept any CICS transaction abend encountered in the run-unit and display the associated error screen.

(The compile default is NOCONV.)

The CONV option specifies that for the main programs in a run-unit, the CA-COBOL/XE run-time system conversationally implements a DISPLAY followed by an ACCEPT.

(The compile default is NODEBUG.)

Specifying the DEBUG option for the main program will cause the run-time system to invoke the CA-COBOL/XE debugger.

EW3270 / NOEW3270
(The compile default is NOEW3270.)

Specifying the EW3270 option will instruct the CA-COBOL/XE DISPLAY command to perform an ERASE/WRITE command when sending data to a 3270 terminal.

(The compile default is FLOW=0.)

The option FLOW=n specifies the number of entries (0 - 4095) that will be written to the trace table. DEBUG must also be specified for this to work.

(The compile default is 256K.)

The option MAXBRNCH=n determines the number of branches a CA-COBOL/XE program can perform between each terminal read (DISPLAY/ACCEPT sequence). If this limit is exceeded, the run-unit will be aborted.

(The compile default is NOSTATEMAIN.)

When the STATEMAIN option is specified for the main program, in a pseudo-conversational environment, the CA-COBOL/XE run-time system will write state information to CICS main temporary storage.

(The compile default is NOXABBR.)

When the XABBR option is specified, an abbreviated error screen will be generated when the run-unit is aborted.

(The compile default is NOXDUMP.)

When the XDUMP option is specified, a CICS transaction dump will be produced if the run-unit is aborted.

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To learn more about the PVCM maintenance transaction and additional specifics on the compile options, refer to the publication CA-COBOL/XE Programmer Guide, section 4, The Maintenance Transaction and section 2, Options for COBOL/XE Compilations.

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