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TEC1660532Jaspersoft OOTB reports show 'Loading...' on the page and never finishes
TEC1730186ETL Job Finished Successfully. Could not login to Jaspersoft, domains could not get updated for customizations.
TEC1587091Deactivated or Locked users remain active in Jaspersoft
TEC1950923Jaspersoft Studio License Expired
TEC1519137What are the minimum access right(s) required for a CA PPM resource to view jaspersoft Reports?
TEC1466848PPM 14.2 with Jaspersoft Problem with Special Characters in the Userid
TEC1006997Reports are slow and do not complete when there are many rows in the Data Warehouse (DWH) security tables.
TEC1146781Jaspersoft report images
TEC1696455PPM 14.3 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues
TEC1565189Create Report in Jaspersoft generate exception getting dataset from cache
TEC1563189Users cannot navigate back to CA PPM correctly from Jaspersoft reports by clicking on hyperlinks in the report
TEC1887779How to set Jaspersoft report parameter defaults
TEC1893633Incomplete data Advance Reporting-Jaspersoft - Dutch Language
TEC1242746Jaspersoft unable to get to next record
TEC1284752Is the 'Update Business Objects Report' job still required for any Jaspersoft Reports?
TEC1744198Advanced Reporting : Create a Report with Jaspersoft Studio/jrxml file based on Domains : returns no results, when Ad-Hoc Views do
TEC1544055How do the date input controls work in PPM JasperSoft based reports?
TEC1200072What is the correct Measurement Source to pull hourly allocations into an Ad Hoc Jaspersoft report?
TEC1519284When running a report in JasperSoft that contains any icons, they don't get exported out in Microsoft Excel
TEC1955958Project Storyboard Jaspersoft report doubles up planned benefit when there are more than one line item in benefit plan 
TEC1792386CA PPM Load DWH job fails with error with Investment object attribute
TEC1702283How to adjust advanced report job schedules for DST changes.
TEC1671469Can a standard user be granted access to only one report within a Domain in CA PPM Advanced Reporting?
TEC1420645The Fiscal Data Warehouse Time Slices Are Not Updating
TEC1402357PMO attributes get added as IS_SYSTEM=0 and with non-remapped names to DWH_META_COLUMNS table, PPM Views, and then to DWH tables 
TEC1017955The Demand vs Capacity report's FTE displays as percentage of 8 hours even though the standard calendar hours has been set to 7.5 hours 
TEC1123355Resource Skills Report is not showing any data.
TEC1951561Provide Advanced Reporting Information in Administration, System Options
TEC1800514How to enable View SQL query button in Ad Hoc Editor under Advance Reporting Link
TEC1398937PPM 14.2 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues
TEC1836591Attribute value does not get updated in DWH_COSTPLAN_FACTS table when value is modified to zero 
TEC1928872How to restore default Domains in case of domain corruption without deleting the entire organization.
TEC1573921Advanced Reporting Domain Create - HIGH Vulnerability
TEC1422334Ad Hoc View error in Dashboard
TEC1188322CA PPM Advance Reporting crashes when the use of ‘Print View’ is used within the Dashboard using Internet Explorer 10 & 11
TEC1438227The graph on the Capacity vs Demand by OBS Jasepersoft report does not take into account all filter parameters
TEC1402933SnapshotNotFoundException: No flow execution snapshot could be found with id '3'; perhaps the snapshot has been removed?
TEC1713664PPM: Reports start showing hours instead of FTE approximately 6 years into the future
TEC1484877Data Warehouse : Attribute with Data Type URL will always get added to DWH with default length = 255, which fails Load DWH job if value is >255
TEC1045744Advanced Reporting shows dates in US format despite all users having their locale set to UK format
TEC1910018Advanced Reporting - Create Domain, Create Dashboards permissions do not allow the user to see the link 'Create' on the Home screen if Administer right is not granted
TEC1149226Time Reporting Periods Parameter data missing from the Advanced Reporting Time Management Reports
 TEC1356347 CA PPM Advance Reporting Jaspersoft - Please wait message disappears when report run in same session by changing the parameter
 TEC1237912 CA PPM Advance Reporting UI stuck with 'Please Wait' message
 TEC1339046 How to migrate custom domains via Advance Reporting in CA PPM
 TEC1027861 List of Jaspersoft Commands in accordance with CA PPM Version
 TEC1941807 Create and Update Jaspersoft Users doesn't create folders
 TEC1575648 SQL Query Starting with WITH shows invalid in Query Editor in Domain Designer under CA PPM Advance Reporting.
 TEC1377894  Jaspersoft - CA PPM Advance Reporting Page slows down while trying to access when there is no internet on the server where Jaspersoft is installed
 TEC1029351 Which CA PPM access right is required in order to schedule a report via Advance reporting
 TEC1763972 Best practices for a successful Installation of CA Business Intelligence JasperReports® Server Patch
 TEC1017245 Jaspersoft - Advance Reporting Page Broken while Navigation via Reports --> view list --> Filters --> Scheduled
 TEC1836735 Jaspersoft Studio 6.2.1 - Dynamic HTTP Proxy Entry Missing
 TEC1784786 How to get CA PPM Jaspersoft URL, Organization ID for report development?
 TEC1577917 CA PPM Jaspersoft Label Names getting Garbled using accented character like é è à or Japanese character
 TEC1953057 CA PPM In IE11 with Jaspersoft 6.2.1, Advance Reporting automatically minimizes or hides in the background of the desktop when you click on Advanced Reporting or general repository navigation links
 TEC1722616 CA PPM, In Advance reporting while Creating Adhoc Views from Domain, custom attributes are not visible under custom section.
 TEC1439779 CA PPM Load Data warehouse Job failing while updating domains
 TEC1172634 CA PPM Load Data warehouse rights job fail with error DWH_SEC_LOAD_DATE": invalid identifier
 TEC1028652 CA PPM Load Data Warehouse Job Fails with error ORA-00054 resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified or timeout expired with Oracle as Database
 TEC1361409 CA PPM, In Advance reporting Ad Hoc Reporting Does Not Show All Financial Data when using Grouping by using the Financial Management Domain
 TEC1342812 CA PPM Load Data warehouse Job Fails with error "ppmjasperadmin" not found
 TEC1883794 CA PPM - Advance Reporting Errors after applying patch "rg.apache.jasper.JasperException: javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 13 "
 TEC1204644 How to ensure CA PPM Jaspersoft Domain Dates to handle all timezone?
 TEC1904947 Scheduled Reports are blank after migrating Jaspersoft from 6.1 to 6.2.1
 TEC1374806 CA PPM Advance Reporting Emails and Notifications not sent once the user is deactivated in CA PPM
TEC1855453Jaspersoft Server Cumulative Patch 6.2.1_5.2.1.4 Fails to install on Oracle RAC Servers
 TEC1531656 CA PPM Jaspersoft Scheduled Report are blank after Jaspersoft migration from 6.1 to 6.2.1
 TEC1285684 CA PPM Advance Reporting Reports - Input controls selected over more than 30 makes it unusable in IE 11 to select any other input control
 TEC1196764 Performance of Advance reporting during scheduling and Editing of reports is too slow
 TEC1511331 CA PPM Advance Reporting Jaspersoft Reports sends emails even for empty reports with the option "Do not send emails for empty reports" checked.
 TEC1457253 CA PPM Advance Reporting Cross Tab Adhoc Views are corrupted with Null Pointer Exception
 TEC1009712 CA PPM Advance Reporting --> Data source doesn't work post refresh of PPM & DWH refresh from Production to Test
 TEC1706364 CA PPM Advance Reporting Theme is set incorrect after Jaspersoft content migration from Jaspersoft 5.6.1/6.1 to 6.2.1

SaaS Only

TEC1610872Jaspersoft Studio Client fails to connect to CA PPM SaaS Jaspersoft reporting server URL
TEC1610872Jaspersoft Studio Client fails to connect to CA PPM SaaS Jaspersoft reporting server URL
TEC1886297Error '(401)Unauthorized' when trying to connect from Jasper Studio in SaaS Systems

On Premise Only

TEC1042765Jaspersoft Content Upgrade command no longer works on 14.3, throws Cannot Import Content error
TEC1407596PPM integration with JasperSoft is not working through CA SiteMinder SSO, Apache WEB Server or other SSO product.
TEC1574448Advanced Reporting: How to do clean reinstall of Jaspersoft from scratch
TEC1309727How to run Jaspersoft as a Windows service with an specific account
TEC1042223How to enable Debug logging in Advanced Reporting - Jaspersoft
TEC1343446License Failed error message in Jaspersoft
TEC1752693How do you install Jaspersoft using a reporting database on a SQL Server named instance
TEC1221854How to overcome Jaspersoft Java issue during Install
TEC1532398How to change your Jaspersoft Database password while changing database servers
TEC1114126How to Set JVM Options for Jaspersoft Servers
TEC1977947Advanced Reporting - Jaspersoft Query Timeout Needs to be Adjusted
TEC1896638Failed to get an instance of ClarityJasperAdmin :: User ID not found
TEC1176075How to Set Query limits on the "Ad Hoc Options" page via Jaspersoft Console
TEC1468463Jaspersoft request processor does not correctly handle requests when PPM is configured for external SSL
TEC1347126Jaspersoft DB install Script goes through a verification and fails with an ORA-01017 error user name and password invalid 
TEC1407596PPM integration with JasperSoft is not working through CA SiteMinder SSO, Apache WEB Server or other SSO product.
TEC1755351JDBC Connection Reset on 64 bit System Linux System while trying to upgrade/install CA PPM or Jaspersoft fails with below error 
TEC1365031Receive this error when exporting to pdf: ERROR: Error occurred during report generation...exceeded the limit of 600 maximum pages. 
TEC1136332Copying CA PPM Database from Development to Test environment generates user is not authorized error message when users try to run reports
TEC1433774How to increase limitation on the 'Domain Query Text Area' via Domain Designer
TEC1021234SSL is used but processed externally' setting in the CSA breaks the ability to run a report in Advanced Reporting 
KB000076789How To Configure Jaspersoft As A Windows Service

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